AEREN ISMS is our Proprietary Online and a web based tool that would assist in filing application forms on the internet. Such tool will provide ease for uploading of several documents through a secured FTP. It will also provide assistance to track ongoing processing of Enrolment and loan application, Fee due, loan installments due, overdue installments, fee and installments paid and to manage and organize history and documents submitted and generate various reports. This will not only help in make the whole process efficient but will also reduce administrative and operation load substantially.

This application provides for innumerous benefits to various parties involved in the process. The features of the application are of great advantage to the bank as well as the students and all this is just a click away. A few of them are listed below:


      • Online submission of application which would be more guiding and less time consuming.
      • Fastest way of submitting the documents required as and when asked.
      • Managing the information and documents in a much precise and convenient way.
      • Able to track documents pending to be submitted
      • View due and overdue fee and loan installments.
      • Better management of cash flow.
      • View complete fee and loan account.


      • Helps to monitor the entire International Student portfolio at the push of a button.
      • An excellent tool to manage International studentsí risks.
      • Helps to reduce administrative workload hence helping them to focus on core functions.
      • Helps to avoid delinquencies, by timely knowing them about overdue installments and following up with the students.
      • An efficient tool to organize and manage studentsí information and documents.
      • Generate various reports as per the requirements.
      • Helps to offer enhanced loan services.
      • Efficient tool to manage loan installments and collection.
      • Better cash flow management.
      • Helps to access any amount and kind of data in a single click.
      • Enables to track processing of loan application.
      • Helps in maintaining better relations with the students.
      • Efficient maintenance of detailed loan history as well as the documents.
      • Helps in measuring effort and output of AEREN.