“Quality assurance is the most integral and important concern of Aeren team”

AEREN deploys the team of experts according to the need of client’s project. At every stage of the project the full review is done by the quality team. The project is delivered as per the requirements of the client without compromising on the quality. While working on project Aeren team use best available tools in the industry.

AEREN is Six Sigma Technology driven with a high focus on quality to provide book keeping and accounting services from inception to closure.

Quality service starts with recruiting and training. Aeren invests in continuing training programs with experienced trainers. We meet or exceed your standards and benchmarks in the course of our training program.

Aeren follows THE following approach to maintain quality of the work product:

  • Selective recruitment, rigorous training and close oversight and review. Aeren is very selective about its recruitment practices and only recruits professionals who graduate from top professional institutions, have extensive work experience, and excellent English speaking and writing skills.
  • High standards of recruitment are supplemented with extensive training. All Aeren professionals undergo rigorous training program design to cultivate each employee’s ability to be created and consistently delivery the highest level of work quality under time constraints.
  • All work products is subject to very close oversight and review by senior and experience members of the team servicing a project, and subsequently reviewed by extensively trained dedicated quality department with standardize procedures and quality manuals.
  • Quality Manuals with Standardized Procedures followed.
  • Follow a metric driven approach by generating Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for each process – critical input/outputs are continuously monitored through fax and against these metrics.