AEREN has state of the art technology infrastructure, including a robust LAN/WAN setup, sophisticated servers with advanced security software and applications, real-time data backup, dedicated and multiple Internet lines, 24x7 access and virtual private networks that enable us to integrate with client sites.

AERENISMS is our Proprietary Online and a web based tool that would assist the students in filling up of application forms on the internet. Such tool will provide ease for uploading of several documents through a secured FTP. It will also provide assistance to students to track their status about the, Enrollment application, loan application, Fee due, loan installments due, overdue installments, fee and installments paid and to manage and organize history and documents submitted. This will help the student in generating various reports and alerts.

On the other hand, it will help our clients to monitor the entire International Student portfolio and collection at the push of the button. Our clients will be able to track the ongoing process on a real time basis. This will also assist our client to know about the due and overdue fee and installments timely to avoid potential delinquencies. This will help to organize and mange documents and information. Our clients can generate various reports to meet their needs. This will reduce the administrative workload and hence helping our clients to focus on core functions. It is an excellent tool to manage.